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  From time to time it is more beneficial for you to put your money toward a new machine. But as you know, not things are completely different, and you can find a photocopier for just about anyone. Part of the issue with photocopiers is there are so many choices among the many options/features. So we'll get right into discussing how to make the best choice for a great photocopier. Imagine, you buy a copier and then discover that it won't fit no matter what you do - major butterfly check valve hassle.   . Do you need something that allows you to copy several different pages all at once? Is it often that you find yourself in need of copying 20-30 pages at a given moment? It'll be necessary for you to discover something bigger than a desktop copy machine which is only able to copy one page at a time every once in awhile. Then, armed with that knowledge, talk to someone who really knows photocopiers like a very good sales rep. The level of frustration can be a bit high when you're trying to makes sense of it all. The size of a photocopier will need to increase with the more demand you place on it. There is no question that there are tons of photocopiers on the market. So, get a good lay of the land where your future copier will live, and be sure to leave enough room for air circulation. You may luck out and be able to visit an office supply store and walk out with a great machine. A new machine will offer a warranty.   What about space, and will that be much of a concern? If you don't have the space for the kind of copier you need, then something has to give, somewhere. It may even come with routine maintenance if you buy it from certain stores. What you need to ask yourself in this situation is this: how much money do you have for maintenance and repairs? While the machine itself might not cost as much, used machines usually require more work and maintenance on them. No matter why you want one, personal use or business, there are a couple of things you do want to keep in mind.   What size of print jobs will you be carrying out? Do you plan to copy large amounts of materials on frequent occasions? Someone who is often making pamphlets or booklets will have different copying needs than someone who just needs to copy a couple pages every once in awhile. If they don't have it in stock, then they can often times get it from a local warehouse, so you'll get it fast. Ok, so first, you need to know your own needs so you'll know what to look for in a photocopier. There is so much out there that practically any person who desires to own one can do that. Most people just had to put-up with going to a copy business, or wherever, to make copies whenever they needed them.Believe it or not, back in the day there were no desktop photocopiers, and they were huge and cost a great deal of money.   If you have a strict budget, there is the possibility that you can discover a previously owned copier that meets your requirements

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